About the Artist and the Images

A photographer for many years, I found myself having many pictures locked away that might be of general interest, so I have created this site. Those currently on here are mostly local at the moment, in Shropshire. I have separated Telford and “rest of Shropshire” so that there are not too many (hopefully) pictures in either set. Additionally, there is a gallery of London, a city that I love, that was mostly taken a while back during a period of medical treatment.

I regard most of my photos as being Landscape but not necessarily in the constrained subject of rural nature; I also have people in the images at times for context or just as a portrait.

The image of me is a Blists Hill. I have no professional relationship with this museum, but I like the picture!

Most pictures are available as prints, and very large prints they can be sometimes! At some poit I will add a Print page where you can order, but at the moment please click the email icon at the top and contact me, or via Facebook Messenger.

I hope you enjoy perusing my photos!

Also see my Event & Festival site, Lightsmiths Photography

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